Trah-toh-REE-ah: derived from Latin (to treat), and Italian (to host), is a small, family owned eatery.

Trattoria Roma was opened by Richard DiPaolo & family in 1990.

The original location of the restaurant was opened on Morse Road. The original chef, Juliano, incorporated creative & authentic recipes from Italy to Columbus. Trattoria Roma quickly became a local favorite, a hidden gem of the city. 

Chef Matt Prokopchak & Shawn Mason

New Beginnings

In the spring of 2000, Trattoria Roma relocated to the beautiful strip on Grandview Avenue, the same year Chef Matt Prokopshak continued as an apprentice in the culinary program at Columbus State. In 2005, General Manager Shawn Mason, a long time employee for the DiPaolo Family, purchased the restaurant with Chef Matt. 

Shawn and Chef Matt combine their efforts to provide a wonderful dining experience with exemplary service. Our mission is to provide an amazing Italian meal using local sources through the course of each season, served by a professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff, in a cozy & romantic atmosphere.